The Zillertal Way of Life

The Zillertal Way of Life

In our Zillertal communities, there are festivals and an array of special occasions which, year in and year out, the locals celebrate with all their heart. Born predominantly from the major milestones of the agricultural year and landmarks in the church calendar, they serve as rituals which give our lives a degree of support and a sense of stability.

The broad spectrum of festive occasions encompasses the catholic feast days after Easter, namely Ascension Day and Corpus Christi, the mountain bonfires which mark either the summer solstice or the Feast of the Sacred Heart, summer fairs, processions as cattle return from the hill country and Harvest Festival celebrations.

Folk bands, riflemen, women and girls in priceless traditional costumes, are almost always a vibrant part of the sights and sounds of the region's festivities.

Visitors are always welcome to join us in our celebrations on these extraordinary days.