Limitless Fun & Winter Sports

Limitless Fun and Winter Sports

When summer extends its hand to winter, the variety of recreational opportunities becomes virtually limitless.

In autumn, while hikers are still roaming the colorful forests, true winter sports "nuts" have long since started hitting our glacier slopes.

State-of-the-art lifts carry skiers, carvers and boarders up to our many different ski regions. Outstandingly groomed slopes, with degrees of difficulty which range from easy to challenging, set skiers' pulses racing with excitement.

But winter isn't just isolated to the ski slopes: Those gentler, more leisurely winter joys also have an important place in the array of wintertime activities.

In those wonderfully magical, snow-covered, glisteningly white landscapes, visitors can take extended winter walks or head out on sledding expeditions, all the time savoring that clear, healthy mountain air, before sitting around an open fire and ordering a round to warm up their cockles!