Clean water, clear mountain air, ...

Clean water, clear mountain air, ...

Our precious water is such an essential element in our lives, no matter whether you are enjoying an invigorating drink from the tap, taking a refreshing dip in a clear mountain tarn, or heading out on a delightful "Water Hike".

"Wellness for Big and Small" offers you a day at one of our hidden, pristine streams and swimming lakes.

Swimming pools with spacious play and recreation areas, insure that the day knows no hint of boredom.

Whether you prefer tranquility or action - here with us, everyone will find precisely what they've been looking for!

Boundless Aquatic Fun

Boundless Aquatic Fun

in Kaltenbach (Familienhotel Seetal)

Outdoor pool in Stumm: biggest sunbathing area in the Zillertal, 3 heated pools, family-friendly and heated kiddie pool, big playground.

Big swimming pond in Aschau-Aufenfeld: beautifully situated swimming pond with a neighboring adventure park (pedal go-carts, trampoline, playgrounds, beach volleyball, fun court, etc.)

in Gerlos (Hotel Edelweiss, Hotel Gaspingerhof)

Durlassboden Reservoir: Escape the hustle and bustle, as well as the valley heat - come to the mountain air of Gerlos. Crystal-clear mountain waters, children's playground and BBQ equipment. Fans of sailing and surfing will use the mountain breezes to crisscross the lake, while others will explore on their paddle or rowing boat.

in Tux (Hotel Central)

Outdoor adventure pool in Finkenberg: water slide, air jets, waterfall, dowsing waters, playground and kiddie pool