Hiking - good for the body, good for the soul

Hiking - good for the body, good for the soul

We are so lucky here, to have this wonderful natural paradise, which, not least because of its unique landscapes, is one of the most popular hiking El Dorados in the entire Alpine region.

In summer, this is a true dream for hikers and climbers.

Hiking is all about casting aside the burdens of daily life, immersing yourself in an extraordinarily harmonious world, and doing great things for your health and wellbeing.

Marked hiking and high-mountain trails meander through our fascinating mountain world, while a variety of country inns and cafes offer hikers shelter and a pleasant spot to enjoy rest and refreshments.

The palette is incomparable, ranging from family tours ideal for kids, to adventure hikes and challenging assaults on the high peaks accompanied by trained Alpine guides.

Hiking Tips for Every Region

Hiking Tips for Every Region

Tux (Hotel Central)

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from July until September, an experienced glacier guide from the Hintertux Ski School will take you along for an exciting and adventure-packed tour to explore the Hintertux Glacier.

At a spectacular elevation of 3,250 m, you'll learn more about the surrounding mountains, while enjoying the breathtaking vistas. You will hike out over millennia-old glacial ice, past magnificent turquoise crevasses, while picking up fascinating facts about the creation and structure of our glacier.

Hiking Tips for Every Region

Gerlos (Hotel Gaspingerhof und Hotel EdelweiƟ)

The Gerlos "Hiking Arena" might also be justifiably called the "Valley of Valleys".

Radiating out from the gentle Gerlos Valley, you see, are five additional side valleys; a real selling point for active vacationers - no matter whether they prefer to enjoy leisurely walks in the country, or more ambitious tours of the mountains.

Any day trip into one of the "side valley treats" of Gerlos, is always sure to be a rewarding experience - and with every step you take, you'll be accompanied by the crystal-clear, gently babbling waters of mountain streams, always a refreshing enticement, especially on those warm summer's days.

Hiking Tips for Every Region

Kaltenbach (Familienhotel Seetal)

From Kaltenbach, you head out to the Gasthof Berghof (now closed). The trail continues to the left of the Berghof, across meadows to the Sattlerbauern farm, carrying on through a wooded area to the Reutmoos. Above the Reutmoos, you will cross the High Road.

Now the path continues through steep woodlands, and after a number of intersections with forest paths, you will once again come to the High Road. The last stage, which takes you to the skiers' hut, has to be completed along the paved road.

The ski hut can also be reached in summer by taking your own car.