The ABC Hotels Tirol are all located in the world's most active valley, the Zillertal.


The Zillertal is the broadest side valley of the Inntal, stretching out for over 1,000 km². Its some 30,000 residents are divided amongst 25 villages, which are scattered throughout the valley.

In contrast to Tyrol's other valleys, the Zillertal remains essentially at the same elevation for the full 32 kilometres of its length, ascending barely perceptibly from the valley bottom in Strass (elev. 522 m) to Mayrhofen (628 m).

The Zillertal is renowned throughout the world for its traditional music, convivial good times and heartfelt hospitality.

And there's plenty for those who prefer a trendier lifestyle as well: numerous bars, pubs and discos get their guests "going" with the sounds of rock, reggae and disco.