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Essentially up one level, at elevations ranging from 1300 to 3250 metres above sea level, lies Tux - an idyllic high valley at the end of the Ziller Valley, with ideal dimensions for a mountain vacation filled with exciting new challenges.

Tux is not a single town, but rather an extended community which extends out for more than 8 km and encompasses 5 villages, Vorderlanersbach, Lanersbach, Juns, Madseit and Hintertux.

The villages of Tux are small, typically Tyrolean villages. In combination with the valley head of the Hintertux Glacier, they form a natural and sporting paradise for the whole family - 365 days a year!

The "Tux Sports Bus" runs daily, transporting you from village to village, And in winter, the "Tux Night Bus" offers service until 2:20 in the morning - so there's no problem at all getting from one date to the next!

The ABC Hotel Central lies in the heart of Tux